KCON 2014 Artist Lineup Spotlight - Girls’ Generation with Special Shout-out to KCON-ers!

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I am going to do one final art piece/ edit before I leave and I want to do something for Connor considering what just happened so if you support and will always love Connor, please reblog so your URL can be included in this! :D

I’ll stop accepting URLs on Thursday the 10th July

Thank you!


Although I am sad to see Connor leave, I know he is only doing what is best for him and his happiness. We all want him to be happy. We all love you Connor and we will be with you 100% of the way. No matter what. I will always look forward to your Frantastic Monday videos and the collabs you do. Thank you for being a source of happiness every Monday for me. You have helped me through a lot these past couple months & I’m sure you have helped other girls through lots of stuff. I can’t believe you still put on a smile these past six months & I can’t believe no one noticed. We’re proud and we’ll always be here for you. WE LOVE YOU CONNOR ❤️ connorfranta


His first and last O2L video.


The saddest people Smile the brightest.

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Troyler iPhone 5 wallpaper - Troyler Selfie at San Fran bathroom
What I like about this is the fact that I created this as a manip :) I based it off of Troye’s selfie in the San Fran bathroom and this old picture of Tyler with a fan
Hope you like it and I’m so sorry I’m posting so much of this, I am literally on summer hols and have nothing else to do


Watch "I Have Something To Tell You..." on YouTube

I Have Something To Tell You…:

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